Past trainings and events

October 2017

20, Urania Berlin, Geo.X Career Day 2017,

The Career Day addresses all young researchers in the Geo.X partner programs who would like to gain insight into ways of balancing work and life in scientific careers. In the first part, ten speakers will share their personal experiences and strategies in an open space format. The participants will be invited to join the discussion on topics such as effective time management, coping with mobility requirements, combining research work and family and work-life balance outside of academia. In the afternoon, a plenary discussion with experts and decision makers from science policy and research funding will tackle the topic on a more general level.
You can find the program and further information here:
The participation is free of charge. The number of participants is limited to 10 per program (in this case StRATEGy) and 100 altogether. First come first served. 
Please register online by September 1, 2017 note: you will receive the binding confirmation of your participation in the beginning of September 2017, after the closing of the registration process.
Free childcare will be provided upon request. If you would like to use this service, please indicate it in the registration form. You will receive further information on the service after registering.

September 2017

06 - 08, Comenius University Bratislava, ITN-ALErT Final Meeting, Link to the Agenda Link to the participants

November 2016

21 - 22, University of Potsdam, Workshop "Science Communication" , Link to the agenda

July 2016

11, University of Potsdam, Lecture Prof. Faccenna, Lecture "Mountain building and mantle dynamics" University of Potsdam, Campus Golm, House 27; 16:15 o'clock; room 0.01 Claudio Faccenna is a professor of University Rome Tre, Italy. His research background is on structural geology, numerical modeling and seismic data interpretation. He has been working in the Mediterranean, but also in South America investigating shallow deformation signatures over subduction zones. His expertise is highly valuable for the ITN research group – particularly for the interpretation of tectonic stress along the NAP and SAP boundaries. Mantle dynamics in the Mediterranean 

September 2015

17 - 18, Paris, Mid-term review meeting

June 2015

01, Ankara, B2 course (Field-based video, Part 2), link to the report, PDF 440 kB

May 2015

27 - 31, Turkey, Fieldschool III and course B2, link to the report, PDF 671 kB

26, Istanbul, B2 course (Field-based video, Part 1)

23 - 25, Istanbul, Turkey, Module A 4 "Neotectonics"

15 - 22, Athen, Greece, Module C 5 "Active faults", link to the report, PDF 561 kB