About ALErT:
ITN_ALErT_LogoAnatolian pLateau climatE and Tectonic hazards

ALErT: Anatolian pLateau climatE and Tectonic hazards, is an EU funded initiative of 10 European academic and 5 industry partners in the fields of applied Earth sciences, natural hazard monitoring, knowledge transfer, and risk communication. ALErT is funded within the EU Marie Curie Actions program “Initial Training Networks (ITN)”.

ALErT combines the resources and training structures of universities, extramural research departments, and affiliated industry partners across Europe to equip the next generation of geoscientists with the knowledge and skills they will need to meet the challenges of dealing with natural hazards in rapidly changing environments and societies.

Research targets on the tectonic and climatic boundary conditions in the regions along the densely populated margins of the Central Anatolian Plateau (CAP) in Turkey and the associated natural hazards. The principal aim of the initiative is to establish a research-based virtual campus, designed to foster excellent training of young geoscientists through cutting-edge research topics and the transfer of knowledge.


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